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Our investment experts provide exceptional investing advice to investors seeking to invest in Africa and across all industries. Our investment advisory services includes thorough research and industry intelligence, in depth country profile by industries, mineral exploration and mining permit search and acquisition, and legal services. We provide comprehensive, tailored project finance support to help clients deliver critical infrastructure around Africa. Our independent investment advisory services complement our technical expertise throughout the project development life cycle, from feasibility studies through structuring, negotiating, and financial close.

Industry Research and Intelligence

Industry Research team conducts and analyzes surveys relating to particular industries, correlates the analysis with current events in the industry. Our experts are thought leaders, with hands-on experience in their respective industries in most of Africa’s key markets and sectors offering objective, in-depth analysis and timely, actionable research ideas. Our firm’s expertise along with strategic partnerships across Africa, allows us the ability to provide our clients with sound investment opportunities.

Whether you have an expert understanding of the investor landscape, or are making initial enquiries into Africa’s investment opportunities, AURIFER research and industry intelligence services can support you in your needs. Our experts will help you to better understand trends, opportunities and risk – through an exceptional archive of project case studies, sector studies, historical analyses, statistics and reports.

Country Profile

Our industry experts provide an in-depth industry profile by country based on the competitive positioning and business strategies of key industry players. These reports are derived from an extensive network of primary sources, such as multilateral organizations (UN, WB, IMF, TI), national chambers of commerce and industry, national statistical offices, government agencies, ministries, central banks, and multinational companies. AURIFER's Country Profile Portal provides a list of available reports.