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Management Consulting

Management Consulting

Our team provides tailored innovative and comprehensive solutions for specific client business needs. Our business advisory team is led by partners with a variety of industry and technical specialization, coupled with intensive business research in selected fields of industry.

Our approach is driven by the concept that a business, like a living organism must have both an internal framework (e.g. business plans, financial models, communication plans, etc.) and the ability to respond quickly to changing conditions in its external environment.

Therefore in addition to assisting businesses with an internal framework, we also assist businesses to adapt to the external environment by differentiating their product and services in response to changing social needs in order to improve the customer experience. Our approach focuses ultimately on the customer.

Our business advisory team works closely with our research and intelligence team which conducts and collates results of research work on various products and services including changing customer trends and demographics. Our unique insight is an invaluable asset which we invite businesses to benefit from.

We also encourage and assist our clients to form strategic partnerships with each other thereby forming a synergistic network of businesses within our clientele. Our advisory services cover real estate, durable goods and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) including packaged foods, drinks and beverages, cosmetics and fashion products

Business Consulting

The specific services we offer to our cherished clients include:

  • Financial modelling and budgeting

  • Business plan development

  • Strategic planning

  • Product and service differentiation

  • Product and service branding

  • Financial Restructuring

  • Business to Business Services

Startup Consulting Services

We seek to work with suitable startups to develop and bring sustainable mainstream products and services to the Ghanaian market. If you are an entrepreneur who has identified a specific need in the economy and believe that you have innovative ideas to solve the problem we invite you to talk to us. Our target startups are those that have identified a specific problem, need or challenge within a sector of the economy and have developed, or are developing a unique way to address the problem. The solution may either require the introduction of a new product or service, or the delivery of an already existing product or service in a unique way.

Our team of consultants and business researchers will evaluate, test and develop your idea into a workable business plan, after which we will enter into an agreement with you to grow your business.

Our service package involves a three phase process to growth which are:

  • The strategy phase which involves development of product portfolio and pricing based on customized market research.

  • The business development phase which involves lead generation, marketing and branding, client servicing and business partnership management.

  • The growth phase which involves strategic expansion into new markets through lead generation, client servicing and partnerships.